Sunday, 14 August 2016

I’m in Love With an Inanimate Object

I have a confession to make. I’m in love with in inanimate object and I’m not talking about my partner during the football season. I mean a machine. The object of my latest desire? An upright vacuum cleaner. It wasn’t love at first sight.  I wasn’t even looking for a new sweetheart.  But as soon as I tried it - wham, bam! It hit me straight between the eyes.

I was quite happy with my existing vacuum - also a Dyson. Unfortunately sheer old age and overwork had rendered it incapacitated.  It was sad. The good-looking upright was loyal and compliant and got me out of many a sticky situation - literally; like the multitude of times I dropped flour all over the floor and found pet hair adorning my favourite chair when we didn’t even have a pet. (I never did get to the bottom of that problem.) It always stepped up to the mark and consistently kept my places and spaces free from dust, grime and muck.

We decided to try another brand - surely now, with all the wonders of modern technology, there were other makes out there which were up to the same level as said contraption? So off we went, determined to save a few pennies and get something equally as good. When we got to the store, we stepped up to try several new models. One we wrecked, another defeated us and a third was so heavy I could barely lift it off the extremely low shelf……  And then we saw it, beckoning towards us looking tall, sleek and elegant.  I didn’t need to try it in-store, I just knew it was the one for me. On returning home, I couldn’t wait to rip open the box and indulge myself in its overwhelming delights; the bold colour, the ingenuity of the attachments and the shining cherry on top of the cupcake - the Ball. 

The latest Ball technology was totally new to me and I have to admit to expecting it to be a bit gimmicky. As soon as I plugged it in this myth was dispelled. The Ball is definitely it’s most beautiful feature: It gets into all the nooks and crannies without the need for constantly reaching for an attachment. It  gets under, round, between and through all known obstacles with absolute ease.

It can’t be all good, surely? is something a friend of mine commented when I went all gooey explaining my latest fascination.  Nothing is perfect and if I was to pick on something it would be the weight.  It is definitely heavier than my last model.  Having said that, my glass is always half full rather than half empty, and I see the weight as a positive. Not only does it appear more robust than my last Dyson but it has the added bonus of any vacuuming time being a chance for a home-spun workout for all you gym-haters out there, myself included. I just need to perfect the art of utilising both arms so that I have evenly proportioned biceps.

What is this source of wonderment and desire? It’s boringly called; the Dyson DC40 Multi Floor.  Don’t let this put you off. Keep a look out for offers. (We got £100 off ours, for example.) Good luck and happy swooning!

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