Saturday, 27 August 2016

It's All in the Name

 I have had the name ‘Baileys Blog’ for a while now and it was one that was given to me several years ago by a well-meaning editor. Having now seen the plethora of clever, enticing sites out there I thought it was time for a change. But what to choose?

The Merry Blogger. Use of the definite article is powerful. Cheery and upbeat and, in being so, isn’t at all like me. A blog has to ‘say what it is on the tin’, to misquote a now-famous phrase.
Cat Vomit and Conkers.  Humorous without being rip-roaringly funny which is how I see myself. However I think it would basically stop people viewing for fear of what they may see. 
Bath-time with Babycham. Reflects that fact that I am a parent blogger (as it has ‘baby’ in the title) and also that I am in need of a drink and a bit smelly…. so probably not, actually. Loving the alliteration - always good in a title.

More difficult than I thought, this.

Unicorns are Unisex. A great ‘right-on’ name as it refers to, what is usually, a female-laden object as being non-gender specific. Who am I kidding? I hate unicorns (and their unfathomable rainbow excretions.)
The Miserable Cow. Hang on, I could be on to a winner here. This exactly describes me most days. The language is a bit racy, though. Not sure my friends would approve.
Dressing Gowns and Tantrums. A bit risky this at it is a half-rhyme. Not sure I can get away with it. Accurately describes my household in the morning, though, with my reluctant-to-get-dressed teens.
Stop the Pram, I Want to Get Out! Any sentence with an exclamation mark has to be a winner!!!! Unfortunately, my experience with prams is currently on the decline on account of my children being a wee bit too old.
And the Little Dog Laughed. Always good to get a nursery rhyme in at any given opportunity. I don’t have a dog, however, and people may assume I have. Don’t want to be having any of those awkward exchanges about which flea powder is the best to use on a puppy.

This is hard! How do people come up with this stuff?

Fit, Fat and 21. No good.  I would have to change the blog name every birthday.
Mary Berry Fan Club. This could get me a few views. Initially. Followed, almost immediately, by bitter disappointment when people realise I have absolutely no idea how to make my muffins rise.
Wombats and Dingbats. What’s a dingbat?
Singing from the Same Hymn Sheet. Nope.

My brain’s working overtime here….
How about…

Early Middle-aged Woman with Grumpy Teenagers and a Moderately Naughty Cat Blog (?)

Get in!

R is for Hoppit


  1. Love your thought process. I started mine when I didn't have a clue. Often wish my blog name was shorter and catchier! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  2. They are all cool! Especially stop the pram. Suppose it depend on what's available x

    1. I'm convinced all the best ones have gone. I've got some serious thinking to do.

  3. Haha! It's so hard to decide these things! Which is why I have two toddlers, but they are still 'The Toddler' & 'The Baby' on my blog, after I failed to commit to renaming them! Definitely Cat Vomit & Conkers! For your blog that is, not my kids (though it'd be kind of amusing for that too). I'm a fan of the surreal!

    Thanks so much for joining us on #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time

    1. I love the surreal too. See you at #FridayFrolics!