Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Bailey House Rules

Despite my threenagers now being twonagers, I still experience, what I will term as, a load of bull from them on a daily basis. Whether its fingers in the sugar, litter in the bedroom or simply refusing to move off the sofa for anything less than a promise of a 100g bar of Cadbury’s best, I do find myself at the end of my tether most days.

Fed up of whingeing, whining, back-chat and tantrums, I have decided to set down my own 10 non-negotiables for surviving in the Bailey household as a teen.

1)   Please be aware that dirty knives should be located in the dish washer, sharpy point down.  This alleviates any need to attend A & E after severe laceration of the fingers.

2)   Daily ablutions should be conducted in a civil fashion with all toothpaste, soap and gel being confined to the sink or bath only and not smeared across all surfaces and windows.

3)   Erect toilet seats will be severely punished.

4)   All soiled linens and clothing items must be confined to the inside of wash baskets and not placed on the top or distributed around the room.

5)   Collections of the following items are banned forthwith: spoons, plates and cups.

6)   Empty milk cartons (or indeed any empty boxes or vessels) must not, under any circumstances, be replaced in the refrigerator.

7)   Any uneaten food items should be placed in recycling and not on bedroom floors, beds or desks as mice food.

8)   The distribution of; perfume, aftershave or body spray should be strictly confined to bedrooms only and not randomly throughout the house. It should be rationed to one squirt per usage so as not to pollute the whole town.

9)   Shower time will be monitored and rationed to five minutes per day and saunas are strictly off-limits thus ensuring that the remainder of the North West inhabitants have at least enough water to wash their face.

10)  At no time will there be a waitress service available.

*  *  *
Please note - No teenagers were harmed during the writing of this blog post (or at any other time.)

What is your top non-negotiable for promoting a harmonious household?

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  1. Clare, I do like your rules! Especially the one about putting empty containers back in the fridge -- what ARE people thinking?!

  2. That one drives me particularly mad!

  3. hahaha and the waitress one - YES. My family seem to mistake me for being a waitress and cleaner! #FridayFrolics

  4. Clare loved this, as mother to two teenagers including one male pushing 18 I am frequently reminding him that my non-negotiables are relocating his towel somewhere to dry other than the bedroom floor and moving his ridiculously heavy weights for fear of breaking my back.....#pocolo

  5. I'm going to pass this on to my mum for my brother who still lives at home. He's 33 and still doing this stuff!!! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  6. ha ha - all of these, but especially number 8! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo, fab to have you along :)